Windshield wipers walmart

Windshield wipers walmart

  • Model
    Windshield wipers walmart
  • Type
    Multifit wiper blade
  • Item
    Windshield wipers T4
  • Certification
    IATF16949, SGS, ISO9001
  • Mini Order
    3000 PCS
  • Delivery
    5- 35 days
  • Car Make
    99.9%American, European, Asian vehicles
  • Driving Steer
    Right & Left hand driving
  • Size
    12Inches/300mm ~ 28 Inches/700mm
  • Warranty
    12 months

Windshield wipers walmart

BAOYI® windshield wipers supply you best windshield wipers. We are responsible for your life.

Now, Are You Still Selling Low Quality Wiper Blade?

Best Wiper Blade Give You A Safe Driving

The Customer Is Just Need A High Quality Wiper Blade

So It’s Important For You To Buy A High Quality Wiper Blade

A Good Wiper Blade, It’s Responsible For Your Business!

BAOYI® windshield wipers FEATURES

1.Windshield wipers walmart features an exclusive FX dual rubber compound that

delivers superior wiping performance and 50% longer life

2.Dual precision-tensioned springs distribute uniform pressure across the blade

3.Asymmetrical wind spoiler provides exceptional performance at high speeds

4.A type blades for U - hook style arms and B type blades are for pin arms and flat blades

5.Includes one wiper blade–available in a variety of sizes

6.An audible "CLICK" should be heard when connecting the blade to the wiper arm

to ensure a successful installation

7.As you're cleaning or caring for your blade, please refrain from bending the wiper blade

more than 45° to the wiper arm as it may weaken the connection

Suitable cars

Windshield multifit wiper blades with 16 adaptors, fit for different car wiper arms. It can fit for all kindS of Asian, European .

and American vehicles, such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Skoda, VW, Volvo,Ford, hyundai, Toyota, Honda,  Mazda.etc

One Assortment + appropriate  adaptors= Serve 99% cars:

Windshield wiper walmart T4 fits for more than 10 types wiper arms.

  1. Small J hooks wiper arms & Large U hook wiper arms

  2. Bayonet wiper arms

  3. Pin wiper arms

  4. P & H side pin wiper arms

  5. I & L pinch tab wiper arms

  6. PTB, pinch tab button  wiper arms

  7. Audi A4 windshield wiper arms

  8. Audi A6 windshield wiper arms

Packing Method:

A good windshield wiper must not only have good apperance, but also have an outstanding performance. 

Other windshield wipers:

If you are still confused about wiper blade, please contact us to know more. 

Wiper Blade Reviews

  • Posted by    Steve    on 2019-10-12 01:12:10
  • I must say, cleaning performance of your samples is one of the best we ever tested from China
  • Posted by    LINA    on 2020-06-03 04:03:06
  • Grad A products,like so much
  • Posted by    John    on 2020-06-09 01:09:06
  • i love the design
  • Posted by    Amy    on 2020-09-01 11:01:09
  • Quality was the best, and the installation was fast and hassle free. Did it on my way to work, and really, I think getting coffee takes longer!
  • Posted by    Brent    on 2021-07-31 11:31:07
  • Very quick delivery and excellent product!!!
  • Posted by    Matthew    on 2021-07-31 11:31:07
  • Wiper is fantastic, excellent service


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