Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Since BAOYI wipers have entried 56 countries,  some customers  were recommended by their friends,some customers searched on internet and found us, some customer found our wipers selling well in their market and searched our company infomation on internet; Most of them choose to buy from us directly after the samples test, we always believe products itself can say anything. It doesn't make any sense that how we praise the products; Only the customers love the products and bring them good profit, then they are really good products.

Following are some windshield wipers reviews from our customers, this will be a good guide for you to choose good wiper blades. Now, let's share our wiper blades reviews with you!

1. England customer's wiper blade continues to grow, he will add 2 more sales people and 2 more distributors; Their main problem there is the lace of warehouse space

"I will estimate 10-15% greater this year than last year, the market for property is too strong"

2. New Zealand customer run out the stock in Oct, he will place an ungrent order again and was very happy for our service

"Thanks so much sally, you are best wiper lady"

3. UK customer have a very successful sales  in Sep and Oct, and plan to place a 40'' container again

" We have had a very successful September and October selling over 21,000 blades. We will plan a 40'container again"

4.France customer bought from Germany before and wants to change the new supplier, ask samples from 8 suppliers (whatsapp)

"I got samples from 5 company and 3 slicon supplier, but yours are good quality and good customer relations"

5.Australian customer specialized in only wipers, he found our wipers have helped him increase his sales largely than before (skype)

" By the end of the year we should be 4X last year, I hope to have Baoyi eaxact fit instead of XX! Better quality, better for long term business"

6.Ireland customer first time imported wiper blade from other country and don't have the experience, we help him to solve all the problems

 "I couldn't have done it with all your help" 

7. UK customer are very happy for our samples testing now, they are planing to start a trial order soon

" Samples perform reasonably well, quiet and clear the screen well"

8. Saudi Arabia customer test our samples, and are very happy for test and our price; We will do business very soon;

" The quality of your samples are very high, reasonable and workable agaist the offered prices"

9. UAE customer test our samples, they think quality very good;

" The quality  is very good, I believe we will start a mutual business together"

10. USA customer ask samples from 4 suppliers, our product and service are better.

" I have tested 3 other compaines and your service and product was better"

11. Uruguay customer test our samples more than 1 month, and final feedback is good.

" Hello Jery, samples are good, they wipe very well"

12. Greece customer are happy for our first order, now they are preparing second order.

" The products are doing well we have to appreicate for the second orders"

13. Austrialian customer test our samples, then make a decision immediately.

" Hi Jery, they are on the car and are very good, we will start the first order"

14. Germany customer start a trial order before getting samples, he was very happy for our services.

" Very nice looking product and packaging, great service"

15. Venezuela customer bought from China many times before, but  only Baoyi he found can fufill the requirements of his company;

" Good quality product, fufilled the requirements of our company"

16.Greece customer check 5 suppliers once he is ready for wiper blade business, but only BAOYI wiper blade are better;

" product way better than some on the market"

17. UAE (United Arab Emirates) customer bought from Bosch and started to cooperate with us and OEM with her own brand since 2014 

" We had an 165% increase in sales"

18.Belgian customers urged the order to be delivered, and the warehouse inventory was almost running out.

" We need this order pretty quickly, Sales are going crazy"

19. Malaysia customer cooperate with us and achieved salesgrowth for the consecutive years

" Your guys are the best company by far"

20.British customer dealed windhshield ,car glass business,  to rich the products line and tried windshield wiper business, and found his windshield sold better(Email)

" Since we have been with your wiper we double the business"

21. Canadian customer place an order without asking samples since he was told we sell vert well in Canadian market (Alibaba)

"  Very good quality and a very good service"

22.Ireland customer finished test and place the first trial order in 12 days after receive the samples (Alibaba)

" Fantastic service. Fantasic product and Fantastic company. Can not recommend this company high enouth. "

23. Israel customer place an order to test the market and give us the review after 7 months (Skype)

"  We are very satisfied from your prducts"

24.Canada bought wipers from other company many years before and wants to find an new supplier, so take samples testing;

" We are initally quite impressed, you have a very nice quality product there"

25.Austrian customer sells very well and get double sales

" End of this month another order, Because of the great quality"

26. Spanish customer introduced by his friend and got the samples for test  (Email)

" I have samples from other companies, but your product is so good than other samples from other companies. And your price is better than other companies, too"

27.Irealand customer sells very well in tyre, and add new wipers to his customers

The product itseld is of high quality,  better than average quality, 10 star service"

28. Saudi Arabia customer wholesaling all kinds of car accessories, but tried wiper blade project first time(Email)

"The wipers are going great and we will be doing a top up order shortly" 

29. Swiss customer placed a trial order, after received the products, she feedback the information; 

"Thank you so much, the wipers they are  awesome, I  look forward to many more being sent to you"

30. Iran customer placed an order and found the quantity is not enoug and need to add an adition quantity ( Whatsapp)

" The quality is no match with BAOYI"

31. Korean customer visited the 2016 Automechanika Shanghai and love our products very much. Then visited our factory together with us after the exhibition.

" Yujin the wipers are the best quality and we are very happy with them and your service. " 

32.Russian customer tried many samples (Skype) 

"I must say, cleaning performance of your samples is one of the best we ever tested from China" 

Waiting for your windshield wipers reviews!

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