• How to install wiper blades model T6

    Installing wiper blades is an important part, how to install our wiper blade models T6? It is pretty simple, just a few basic steps. To learn how, please follow the guide below. Follow the guide, you can learn to install all adapters of T6 wiper blades by yourselves in 10 minutes.Adapter No.1 & Adapter No.2:Adapter No.3 & Adapter No.4:Adapter No.5 ...

  • Problems and solutions when using car wipers

    Problems and solutions when using car wipers1. The newly installed wiper has a period of running-in for the rubber refill strip. Under the clear wiping effect, please do not worry, the noise will automatically disappear after the running-in period.2. The angle deviation of the wiper arm. Normally, the rubber refill strip and the windshield are carried out at...

  • How to use wiper blade in winter

    Christmas is coming, many areas are gradually entering into winter. In the early morning, we will rush out to work or send the kids to school, etc places. When we see snow on the windshield, the car can't be moved. We really feel anxious.The first reaction of many people is to activate the winter wiper blades and swear the snow directly or melt the snow ...

  • Three Common Windshield Wiper Problems

    The windshield wiper worked in the windy, sunny, windy, frosty, and rainy weather throughout the year. It takes on a heavy responsibility to protect the driver's sight. It can be regarded as one of the most important accessories on this car, and it is also the most industrious accessory. In summer, the temperature is high, and the glass surface is at lea...

  • How to turn on the wiper blades

    Although the wiper blade is small and seemingly simple, it plays a very important role on rainy days. If you are driving in the rain and the windshield wipers cannot effectively remove the rainwater on the windshield, it is like driving a blind person and losing safety. According to relevant data, driving on rainy days, the traffic accident rate caused ...


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