• How to choose wiper blades for clients

    How to choose wiper blades for clients? How to Look for a Reliable Wiper Blade Factory? A video was made to help you choose ❤️ ; use the most advanced technology, which offers a good experience service, and better solution to clients; Our goal is to boost sale and help you succeed✊;Free and low-priced wiper blades a...

  • What service we will provide for you at our wiper blade factory

    Your safety. Our business! What service we will provide for you at our Yujin wiper blade factory?1. Excellent service; We offer you a good experience service and better solutions; We have a very helpful and experienced sales team who are only to happy to help you with any question you might have2. Guaranteed quality. we will be responsible for all quali...

  • Why wiper blade is shaking

    Why the wiper blade is shaking? Many car owners have this question. Do you know the reasons?1. The windshield is not clean. You can use professional washer fluid or detergent to  clean the windshield thoroughly, clear up invisible attachments and oil stains on the surface to solve shaking;2. The dirt adhering to the rubber refill strip will ca...

  • Frameless wiper blade is better than metal frame wiper blade

    Common wiper blades are divided into two types: frameless wiper blades and metal frame wiper blades. Frameless wiper blade is better than metal frame wiper blade?The essential difference between the two is that the metal frame wiper blade is evenly distributed by multiple support points (skeleton structure) to support the wiper. Duri...

  • How to choose a good wiper blade

    Although the car wiper blade is a simple part of the car, it can be called the car's rainproof device. However, if its service is not on time, it will not work. One thing that affects the driver's vision is safety, if drivers are driving win blurred vision is very dangerous, a good wiper blade is very important. So how to choose a wipe...


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