• Why there is a problem for the wiper blade

    The windshield wiper blade is a very sensitive accessory. Its working area is directly displayed in our sight. Any problem will be displayed very clearly. Unlike other accessories or lubricants, even if there is a problem, the car owner cannot know it before checked.However, the wiper system includes wipers, wiper linkage, wiper arms, bearings and motors, bu...

  • Why Yujin Wiper blade price is not cheap

    One old popsicle $0.02/pc, but Haagen-Dazs is $6.00 a piece, but it seemed that Haggen-Dazs are still popular; Chery is $5000 did not affect BMW's sales, BMW is at $15,000; We get what we pay for, and any thing survives, definitely is not because of the price, but it is the quality, Value and needed!Why Yujin wiper blade price is not cheap?  It is b...

  • When should we replace the new wiper blade

    I believe that many people are struggling, when should we replace the new wiper blade for our own cars?1.From terms of the rubber properties of the wiper blade, it also needs to be replaced regularly, and it will age faster if it is exposed to wind, sun, rain etc. If the quality is good, it could be replaced in 2 years. The general quality should be replaced...

  • Beam wiper blade better or metal wiper blade better

    Summer has passed, and the hot sun has accelerated the aging of rubber, and damaged the rubber products on the vehicle! Compared to other components such as tires and rubber seals, the wiper blade are the most damaged.Wiper blade are not unfamiliar to car owners. The frequent use of them in rainy days makes them often appear in our vision. So how much do we ...

  • Why we use paper box for wiper blade

    We could see there are many packing way for wiper blades in the market, such as plastic box, blister card, cardboard, paper box etc; We suggest paper box, because we have received many feedback from different customers, and over 90% customers prefer this option; Why the paper box package is highly appreciated in the market?1.Protect rubber refill of wiper bl...


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