• A Few Things You Should Know About Wiper Blades

    Now more and more people know that wiper blades play an important role, car owners will check their wiper blades when they are driving, but there are still some misunderstandings of wiper blades for some drivers.Misunderstandings of wiper blades:1. A good wiper should not leave a streak. If there is a streak, it means that the wiper is not good. This is wron...

  • Difference between flat wiper and traditional wiper

    Wipers are very important for car drivers, because whether the windshield is clean directly affects the driver's vision and thus affects driving safety. Do you know the difference between flat wiper and traditional wiper?Traditional wiper bladeTraditional wipers is also called metal frame wiper blades. The principle of the traditional wiper is to pr...

  • How to use wiper control

    Wiper blades are mainly used to remove raindrops and dust etc that are attached to the windshield of the vehicle, improving the front visibility of the driver when driving, and improving driving safety.So it is important to know their function and their using method:1. The wiper blade control lever is usually on the right side of the steering wheel, UK, Aust...

  • Why wiper blade is shaking during working

    The wiper blade will appear the shake when during work, do you know the reason? Below are some reasons and solutions:1. The windshield is not clean. You can use professional washer fluid or detergent to clean the windshield thoroughly, clear up invisible attachments and oil stains on the surface to solve shaking;2. The dirt adhering to the rubber refill stri...

  • Brief introduction to wiper blade

    The composition and function of the wiper system:Nowadays, all family cars use electric wipers. Therefore, to put it simply, the wiper system is composed of a motor, a rotating rod, a wiper arm, and a wiper blade.The main purpose of the wiper is to clean the front and rear windshields of the vehicle so that the owner can have good vision in daily driving.Wip...


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