• The history of windshield wipers blade

    It rains heavily in summer and winds and snows in winter. As an inconspicuous car accessory, the wiper blade had ensured the safe driving for car owners over one century in rainy and snowy etc weather and save countless lives. However, it did not exist since the birth of the car, it developed from nothing to birth. Today, I would like to talk about the histo...

  • Wiper Blade Use Application Guide on Rainy Days

    The El Niño phenomenon causes extreme weather and climate disasters such as torrential rains, floods, and strong typhoons through the complex interaction between the ocean and the atmosphere. Most areas may face heavy rainfall, especially coastal areas where typhoons have increased. The situation of urban waterlogging will increase compared with previou...

  • How can car owner do a good job of preventing Covid 2019

    Do I need to wear a mask when driving? Can the air conditioner filter prevent viruses? It still wasn’t looking too good with Coronavirus , so virus prevention in the car is equally important!Here we carefully prepared a #AIDS guide# for all car owners. To assure our health, let's take action together! Q: Do I need to wear a mask ...

  • Wiper blades need replacing sign

    Wiper blades play a significant role in keep our safe, especially during rain at night; The Rain is against our windshield, but our wiper blades can not keep up with, then windshield vision is blurred; We are too nervous to make wiper blades wipe the rains out quickly, unfortunately, the wiper blade did not work at that time, this is every driver’s nightmare...

  • Should we select rubber wiper blade or silicone wiper blade

    As well known, the frameless wiper blades are the best choice between the three types, but there are a number of low quality for frameless wiper blade made in the market. To ensure you are getting premium quality wiper blades, how you select from the market? Advanced natural rubber with Teflon coating? Or silicone wiper blade?The service time of silicone wip...


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