• Who is the wiper blade expert

    Many shop owners who operate special windshield wiper blades often worry about their stocks of wiper blades:1. if their stocks are small, sometimes it is unable to meet the needs of customers2.if they want to cover all kinds of wiper blades, it will take a lot of funds and warehouse storage for stocksHow should they do? Which wiper blade expert can solve thi...

  • How do we do before we replace wiper blade

    The customer said that their wiper blades was out of work, should you change replace the new wiper blade immediately? No, no, no, you haven’t done the following steps yet!1.Check the old wiper blade and find the wiper blade issue is noise? Shaking? Wiper blade did not adhere to windshield?2.Splash water on the windshield. If the water flow is dispersed (as s...

  • How do we do if customers want to buy original wiper blade

    When we are replacing a new wiper blade for a customer, the customer will always request to replace the wiper blade that is exactly same as the original ones, because they trust original ones' working effect is the best, so how do we do if customers want to buy original wiper blades?We should remind the car owners that when they are replacing wiper blade...

  • When the wiper blades need to be replaced

    The wiper blade is a consumable part which installed on the car windshield, and its responsibility is to remove the rain, snow and dust etc on the windshield. The wiper blade is small, but the responsibility is heavy! It can not only provide us with a clear vision, but also provide protection for our lives! So how do we know that the wiper blade needs to be ...

  • The development of wiper blade

    Although many car manufacturers did not provide wiper blade at first, with the gradual development of technology, manufacture have possibility to obtain mass production, and more and more wiper blade come into driver’s life. By 1911, wiper blades became a necessity in auto parts; In 1917, JohnR. Oishei founded Tri-Continental Company and invented the fi...


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