1. Yujin Xiamen Plastic Manufacturing Co.Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of windshield wiper blade over 17 years. Yujin has engineeered and manufactured premimum wiper blades, bringing the latest innovations and original equipment and quality to the wiper blade industry to keep you and your customers safe with maximum visibility in all driving conditions; Yujin wiper blade not only offers a full line of windshield wiper blade  covered for the most of vehicles, but also contours to the curvarure of your windshield to provide even wiping pressure along the full length of the wiper blade; More infomation come to visit our video on Youtube: 




2. How to change wiper blades? How to install wiper blade? How to replace wiper blade? You can replace windshield wipers by yourself in 10 minutes. Windshield wipers installation video for all kinds of wiper arms, U hook wiper arm, 8.7*7 mm, 9*11mm, 12*11 mm, P & H side pin wiper arms, PTB wiper arm 16mm, New PTB wiper arm 19mm, Insert wiper arms, Lock wiper arm, Renault wiper arms, Mercedes Benz wiper arms are invited to our video on Yotube: 

About the videos, If you need more information, please email to us, then we will send the full information to you soon. Our email is 

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