Wiper Blade Package and Wiper Blade Display Rack

Wiper Blade Package and Wiper Blade Display Rack

There are many different packagings for wiper blades in our factory.

We can do your own brand, MOQ 10000pcs, mixes sizes. 

We can supply you neutral packagings too, just like, BY001, BY002, BY003.

We can supply you our own brand BAOYI® packagings, too.

Now, we share with you as follows.


BY001 (Neutral Package)

BY002 (Neutral Package)

BY003  (Neutral Package, Wiper T6 & HSD370)

BY004A (Wiper Blade BY669 Blister Package)

BY004B (Wiper Blade BY610BY611BY630 Blister Package) 

BY005 (Wiper Blade BY618 Package English)

BY006 (Wiper Blade BY618 Package Chinese)

BY007 (Wiper Blade BY611, 630, 660 Package)

BY008 (Wiper Blade 630 package)

BY009 (Wiper Blade BY510)


BY010 (Paper box with Blister window)

BY011 (Wiper Blade BY611 New Package)

BY012 (Wiper Blade T6 Package)


Wiper Blade Display Rack

Rack A

Rack B



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