How to extend the service time of wiper blade

How to extend the service time of wiper blade

As we all know, one of the easily damaged parts of the car is the wiper blades. Bad habits can easily damage the wiper blade and affect driving safety. So how do we usually maintain the wiper blade to extend its service time?

First of all, we need to understand the working theory of the wiper blades:

1. Make sure the windshield and rubber refill is clean

2. All wiper blade systems work normally, including the wiper blade motor is working, the wiper arm is not deformed, etc.

3. Wiper usage and maintenance habits are correct

Secondly, we need to know what are the reasons that the wiper blade did not wipe cleanly?

1. The quality of the rubber refill, the core of the wiper blade is the rubber refill, and the poor insert is easy to become aged and cracked.

2. The structure of the wiper blade, the structure of the wiper blade is too thin, and the middle or both ends will not be wiped when it is pressed down.

3. The condition of the windshield, if there are cracks, pits, bird droppings, etc. on the windshield, it will take a long time for the rubber refill to be cracked even if the wiper is good.

4. Personal use habits and maintenance, if there is grit, oil, gum, etc. on the windshield or the windshield is not cleaned frequently, and the wiper blade is also easily damaged.

5. The use environment, the amount of local dust, excessive sandstorm, or acid rain can also easily damage the wiper blade

6. The pressure of the wiper arm, the service life of a car is relatively long, the spring pressure under the wiper arm will be reduced, or the bearing of the wiper will be damaged, and the wiping trajectory of the wiper will change, which will affect the wiping effect.

7. The quality of the glass water, poor glass water contains ammonia and chlorine in the middle, which accelerates the aging of the rubber refill, and at the same time makes the plastic panel under the glass white.

Next, we give the following solutions for the above problems:

1. Check the wiper blade in time. If the rubber refill is aging or the lip of the strip is seriously damaged, it is recommended to replace the wiper blade with a new one.

2. Choose a high-quality glass cleaner and use a professional glass cleaner to thoroughly clean stains from windshields and rubber refills.

3. Check the use of related components. After the car is used for a long period of time, the owner should regularly go to the 4S shop or repair shop to check and correct the wiper arm and bearing.

4. Keep good personal use and maintenance habits.

A: Especially in the case of extremely high or low temperature, the rubber refill close to the windshield is easily deformed due to temperature, so after parking, erect the wiper or put insulation cotton and other items underneath.

B: When washing the car daily, it is best to gently wipe the rubber refill with clean water to wipe off the dust and gravel adhering to the rubber refill.

C: Do not dry wiping. If there are sand, stone, dry bird droppings, and other things sticking to the glass window, it is best to clean it by hand, so as to avoid hard objects from hurting the fragile wiper rubber refill and glass surface.

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