How do we do before we replace wiper blade

How do we do before we replace wiper blade

The customer said that their wiper blades was out of work, should you change replace the new wiper blade immediately? No, no, no, you haven’t done the following steps yet!

1.Check the old wiper blade and find the wiper blade issue is noise? Shaking? Wiper blade did not adhere to windshield?

2.Splash water on the windshield. If the water flow is dispersed (as shown in the figure below), it means that there is a coating on the windshield.

As for this situation, you should clean the windshield, otherwise the coating material or wax on the windshield will become astringent when exposed to water, resulting in excessive friction between the wiper and the windshield, then it will occur "squeaking" and shaking.

3.Observe the swing angle of the wiper arm is large or not, if the shaking angle is too large, the wiper arm has a problem, and it is useless to change any wiper blade

In one case, there was a car that was only two years old. The wiper arm not only shake from side to side, but also shake up and down. Then the bonnet was open to check, then we found the connecting screw was almost completely loose and was about to fall off! After tightening the screw, switch off the wiper blade and wiper blade has none any issue;

4.Observe whether the rubber refill of the old wiper blade is deformed or not. If the rubber refill has been distorted, it means that there is a problem with the angle of the wiper arm.

5.Observe whether the wiper blade return is normal or not. If the wiper blade does not return properly, and it may hit the right or underside of the windshield.

6.When the wiper has any problem such as unclear wiping, shaking, or noise, or anything else, you can't simply think it is caused by wiper blade, then just replace the new wiper, the issue was solved; You should check the reason from the entire wiper system and find a solution.

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