How much are a pair of car window wiper blades?

How much are a pair of car window wiper blades?

We must be told there are many accidents are a result of poor visibility in heavy rain or snow, or we may not realize that the car window wiper blades are shot until there is an immediate visibility concern... Due to the importance of car window wiper blades, so we are mentioned that replace our car window wiper blades every six months, do we know the cost of them when we replace 1 pair for our cars? 


Before to know the cost, let us know the car window wiper blades system first, typically it consists of wiper arm that protrudes up from the vehicle and the car window wiper blade assembly that attaches to that arm; the car window wiper blade includes a long strip of rubber or silicone that wipes the window. Often the driver side’s window wiper blades length is longer than the passenger’s side, they are different, but some cars are the same length, so please make sure the length is correct for your car window wiper blades;


For the cost of car window wiper blades:


If the wiper arm still work very well, then we do not need to replace a new one, we just need to change a new pair of car window wiper blades; However, there are many factors that will cause different cost; 


1.Different car window wiper blades type has the cost are different; Car window wiper blades has metal frame and frameless type on the market now; Typically, metal frame type are cheaper than the frameless type; From Amazon, nomrally it costs $1.00 to $20.00 a piece or $2.00 to $40.00 a pair, For example. Amazone sells a single Rain-X 22 inches for $6.01 (pack of 1);  However, frameless type Rain-X 2 inches (2-in-1) sells at $15.27 (pack of 1);


2.Rubber and silicone will affect the cost too, normally rubber is less expensive than silicone; For example, Amazon sells PIAA silicone metal frame wiper blade-22’’ inch (pack of 1) at $22.94, but other normal rubber metal fame wiper blades cost from $ 1.00 to $20.00 each;


3.The cost also depend on the brand. A famous brand like Rain-X, Bosch, Valeo etc, their cost typically is higher; Those top brands costs double or three times even  four times...than those unknown brands;


From the research, the average cost for a pair of car window wiper blades replacement is between $15.00 to $ 26.00 without labor costs; The labor costs are depending on location, your vehicle’s make and model and your car window wiper blades;


Some of people might doubt this cost is very high, as they could buy a pair car window wiper blade at very cheap price, like less than $2.00, and with labor etc cost, the average cost is less than $5.00; However, at the begging, we said maintain clear visibility for our car window wiper blade is very important, How? The answer is just a pair of good quality car window wiper blades can protect our safety, so please do not take cost first; A pair of good quality car window wiper blades must come from a factory which put the quality first; 


Yujin car window wiper blades is a factory who take “Quality is the first” and their cost is less expensive than Bosch etc; Talk with a professional sales in Yujin to know which type wiper blades are right for you;




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