How to choose wiper blade for your cars

How to choose wiper blade for your cars

As common consumables, wipers blades are easy to get and be replaced, they can be bought from Auto Parts service shops and online shopping malls. How should we choose wiper blades that match your cars among the wide variety of wiper blades?

Confirm the wiper blade connector and sizes

In order to match the car well, the first thing we need to do is the confirm of wiper blade connector and sizes. Different cars has different wiper arms, different wiper arms will use different connector. Then normally, the wiper blade sizes are same as the original car. Improper size will inevitably have a negative impact on vision and driving safety.

Regarding the connector and size of the wiper blades, Yujin wiper blade has a complete application list, and it will be updated regularly every month. The size of the wiper is complete, and we can choose the right wiper to provide you with the fastest and most efficient service.

As auto parts products, the wiper blade products market are also mixed, from poor quality without factory information to hundreds of dollars of top-quality goods. The cheap one will become dirty soon, while the expensive one is unacceptable. Here are some tips for you to choose wiper blades.

1. Don't be greedy for cheap, pay attention to cost performance

Although the wiper blade is small, its function and technology is a very important part of the car to ensure safety.

As a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of high-quality wiper blade, the Yujin Factory,, was founded in 2004, and its products sell well in Europe, Russia, the Americas, and Asia in more than 56 countries around the world Countries and regions . In 2018, Yujin won the "Best Wiper Blade supplier" award.

2.Recommend products from large manufacturers with technological research and development capabilities

R&D capability is an important factor in judging whether a manufacturer is in the leadership of the industry. The products of large manufacturers with strict quality control are undoubtedly very reliable. Due to continuous quality management and effective cost control,Yujin Xiamen wipers blades have excellent quality and high cost performance.

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