Customer Reviews

Now, let's share our customer reviews with you!


1. Russian customer


" I must say, cleaning performance of your samples is one of the best we ever tested fromChina"


2. British customer for good service


”Thanks, that looks very good!

Regarding fast payment, we messaged many wiper suppliers and you replied fast so we return the favor.

We receive very good service from you, the best we have had from any supplier”


 3. Swiss customer


"I want to order more wipers from your company"




 "After 7 months I can say that we are very satisfied from your products."


5. Polish customer 


"I received 1 order ! All is great."


 6. Canadian customer


“We tested your samples and also checked with local stores and in general, it is quite good.”


7. Australian customer (Email)


"I have the new set of blades on my car, and so far i am very happy with them, thank you for that! "


 8. Spanish customer (Email)


"We tested and it works great, soon we will make a request."


 9. Italian customer (Email)


" I do like the quality of the items"


10. Swedish  customer (Email)


"We are buying BY611X, and we are happy with this"


11.South Africacustomer (Email)


"Thank you so much for the wipers they are awesome.


I look forward to many more order being sent to you 


Thank you again Sally.. great job done"


12. Customer for good quality & package 


“We have received wipers, they are very, very good quality ! And the packing is 5 star !”


13. Australian


“can trust me... The service which I am getting now I am satisfied 100% “


14. Australian


“I have the hybrid on my car. Pretty good. David has the flat wiper on his car, he’s happy with it. “


15. Germany  


“I check the wiper on our car. These wipers are Perfect. “


Waiting for your reviews!

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