• How to recondition wiper blades

    As one of the vulnerable parts in auto parts, it needs to be replaced regularly. However, some wipers have problems after a short period of use, and you don't want to buy new ones. How to recondition wiper blades? we can repair them according to the corresponding repair methods below and use them again.1. The wiper strips are stainedIf your wipers are of...

  • Beam vs Conventional Wiper

    Wiper blades did not appear with the birth of cars, so people did not pay much attention to this small component at the beginning of the birth of cars. It was not until a series of traffic accidents caused by line of sight problems that people gradually realized the importance of wiper blades, and thus the emergence of manual wipers and electric wiper rod wi...

  • How to install different types of windshield wipers

    If you want to drive safely even on rainy days, you must ensure that your wipers can be used normally. When wipers are used for a long time, it is easy to cause safety hazards. First, the old wipers will leave marks on the windshield when working, which will prevent us from seeing the road ahead clearly. Second, the wipers may make noise when working, which ...

  • When to replace wiper blades

    As an important part of a car, wipers' main function is to scrape raindrops and dust from the vehicle windshield to improve the driver's visibility and increase driving safety. Since the wipers are made of rubber, they will age during use, so they need to be replaced regularly. In addition, the replacement cycle of wipers is also affected by the freq...

  • How to change wiper blades on Mercedes C Class 2008?

    Are you still worried that you bought wipers online but don't know how to install them yourself? Today we will demonstrate how to change wiper blades on Mercedes C Class 2008. Now use our wiper to replace the following.Note: Before replacing, raise the wiper arm. No need to hit the brakes.1. Car ignition, press second time, press third time. 2. Pres...


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