• Your windshield wipers squeak after only 2 months use

    Do you have the experience that the wiper blade of your car starts to make squeak and rubbing sound even they are installed on the car for a short time like one or two months? According years of experience in wiper balde industry, here are some car wiper blade maintenance steps to help you troubleshoot this problem if you also have this trouble.1. clean the ...

  • Wiper Blade Package Box and Display Rack

    Wiper blade package & wiper blade display rackFor environmental protection friendly, our wiper blade company uses recyclable paper card packaging.If your min order above 10000 pcs, mixes sizes, then we'll print your wiper brand package. If your order less than 10000 pcs, neutral packaging is a nice choice, just like BY001, BY002,...

  • How to choose and install front windshield wipers for my Honda Accord?

    1. Choose the proper size of wiper bladesHonda Accord Saloon 1998 - 2003 Wiper Blade Sizes:   Driver Side:22’’      Passenger Side:19’’Honda Accord Saloon 2003 - 2008 Wiper Blade Sizes:   Driver Side:26’’      Passenger Side:16’’Honda Accord Saloon 2008 Onwards Wip...

  • How to remove the auto wipers and wiper arm

    Teach you how to remove the wiper arm, only need 4 steps, if you want to change the wiper arm, then just need the reverse operation process1. First, we need to prepare the tools needed to disassemble the wiper, a flat-blade screwdriver, a quick ratchet wrench, a No. 13 sleeve, and then prepare for the next dismantling operation process2. Open the engine hood...

  • The historical evolution of car wiper

    Nom scientifique des essuie-glaces: WINDSHIELD WIPER, est le principal accessoire du pare-brise. Son rôle est de retirer le pare-brise en limitant la vue sur la pluie, la neige et la poussière. Par conséquent, il joue un rôle important dans la sécurité routière. L'essuie-glace selon le mode de conduite peut être divisé en mécanique, aspirateur, pneumatiq...


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