• Wiper blade differences

    There are many multi fit wiper blades at our factory, how to distinguish from them? Similarities:1. Same zinc-alloy connector, see as below2. Same 18 clips, the same applicationDifference:1. Different spring steel sheet & rubber refill structure2. Different spoiler and steel3. Different customized logo designs on wipers Are they clear for...

  • how car wiper works

    car wipers are essential for maintaining visibility in adverse weather conditions. They are a simple yet effective system comprising several components working together. Here's a breakdown of how windshield wipers work and their key components:Wiper Blades:Made of rubber or silicone, the blades sweep the windshield to clear rain, snow, or debris.Wiper Ar...

  • What is the Difference Between a Wiper Arm and a Wiper Blade

    There are many basic parts in a car's windshield wiper system, and the wipers and wiper arms are two of the most critical. Although both are integral to ensuring visibility in adverse weather conditions, they have different functions and we need to understand their differences carefully in order to maintain them effectively.Wiper Arm:The wiper arm is the...

  • How to make windshield wipers last longer?

    Why do you need to replace your windshield wipers every six months to a year? Sometimes they are damaged before they are even used for six months. You are tired of wiper blades that make all kind of noise and leave streaks all over your windshield when you use them. If I tell you we have some good ideas to make your windshield wiper blade last, would you lik...

  • How to recondition wiper blades

    As one of the vulnerable parts in auto parts, it needs to be replaced regularly. However, some wipers have problems after a short period of use, and you don't want to buy new ones. How to recondition wiper blades? we can repair them according to the corresponding repair methods below and use them again.1. The wiper strips are stainedIf your wipers are of...


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