Quality Control

01 QC Department

Best windshield wipers with strict quality control, which total according to IATF16949.

QC/ Technical Support

Our Company Have Passed IATF16949 Approval

7 test machines. 7 quality control staff.


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02 R&D Department

Research and Development (R&D) also known in Europe as research and technical (or technological) development (RTD), is a general term for activities in connection with corporate or governmental innovation. The activities that are classified as R&D differ from company to company, but there are two primary models, with an R&D department being either staffed by engineers and tasked with directly developing new products, or staffed with industrial scientists and tasked with applied research in scientific or technological fields which may facilitate future product development. In either case, R&D differs from the vast majority of corporate activities in that it is not often intended to yield immediate profit, and generally carries greater risk and an uncertain return on investment.

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03 ERP System

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business management software—typically a suite of integrated applications—that a company can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities, including:

·                      Product planning, cost

·                      Manufacturing or service delivery

·  &nbs...

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04 Test

To give clients premium wiper blades, our wiper blades have been made with many precision-engineered tests:

1. Rubber

Teflon coating rubber for use, to provide good performance, rubber is made with Ozone Aging Test, Hardness Test, Tensile Test;



The specialized spoiler is shaped to provide high quality wipe performance, spoiler is made with UV Accelerated Weathering Test, every spoiler will be checked by our worker, the defective and deformed spoiler will be checked out;

3. Steel

The flexible steel technology provides uniform pressure points along the length of the wiper blades, allowing it to fit to the curvature of the windshield, steel is made by accuracy punching machine, and the worker ...

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