How to drive car in snow days

How to drive car in snow days

Driving in snow is very dangerous, mainly because the road conditions are complex, the vehicle is easy to skidding, the driving sight is poor, and there are many cars on the road, which are easy to occur dangerous accidents. The following are some tips for driving in snowy weather.

1. Slow down

The most important thing to drive in a snowy day is to slow down. Only by driving slowly you can avoid accidents. Especially on the snowy and icy roads, you must slow down and pass the icy road stably. You can follow up the front vehicle , so as not to accidentally enter into the holes or water sections.

2. Don't get panic when the car is slipping

In snowy days, the most dangerous thing is slippery roads, in order to keep safety, the most important thing is to prevent slippage. It is best to add snow chains to the tires or use snow tires. What should I do if the car slip ? The steering wheel should be turned lightly in the direction of the slip, and after the vehicle returns to the right, then lightly step on the brakes until the whole situation is completely controlled.

3.Don’t brake suddenly

The most taboo of driving in snow is sudden braking, which can easily lead to slip or get rear-ended. Even if the vehicle has ABS EBD, the risk factor is also very high. Therefore, it is safer to step the brake slowly, that is, lightly step the brake, and then step a few more after raising your foot.

4. Keep a safe distance

Driving on icy and snowy roads is more easy to have a rear-end collision than on dry roads. After all, the grip of the tires is much smaller, so it is very necessary to increase the driving distance!

Generally speaking, the driving distance should be 3-4 times larger than usual. It is difficult to control the braking distance if you are too close to the car. If you do not take the correct measures, it is easy to cause accidents, so please remember keep a safe distance

5. Keep clear sight

The temperature is different between inside and outside of car in snowy days, and it is easy to get foggy on the car glass, resulting in blurred vision. It is necessary to turn on the window defogging function (if available) in time, or turn on the air conditioner and dry it with a towel. Make sure that the driver's vision is clear to get on the road safely.

6. Turn on the lights in time to give warnings

Generally, visibility is low in snowy days, so please attention the correct use of lights. One is to turn on the fog lights and low beam lights to help the driver look at the situation ahead so that the driver can see the situation ahead clearly. The second is to turn on the profile lights and front and rear position lights to indicate the presence, so that vehicles traveling forward and backward can see their specific location and traffic conditions, so that they can take corresponding measures.

7. Don't try to spray water repeatedly

Sometimes the temperature drops suddenly in winter, and the glass of water is frozen and cannot spray out. In this case, please assure that do try to spray water repeatedly, otherwise it is easy to damage the water spray motor. The correct way is to drive the car normally after starting, and after the engine compartment temperature rises, as long as the glass water does not freeze too much, it can usually be turned on automatically after a period of time. Or driving to a place with sunlight will also work .

8.Pay attention to the abnormal noise of the vehicle

If the vehicle is parked in the open air for a long time on a snowy day, the brake discs and handbrakes are easy to freeze. If there are abnormal noises when the vehicle starts, do not force the vehicle to start. You should check whether the brake discs are frozen. If it is frozen, you can use wooden sticks. Beat the hub to shake the ice away.

9. Parking

The last thing to say is that when you need to park on icy and snowy roads, it is best to park in a sunny, sheltered, flat and dry place, and not close to buildings, telephone poles or other vehicles to prevent collisions when sliding . If you have to park on a ramp, you should hang a block in the "uphill" direction (if the front of the car is facing up, you should hang it in block 1 in order to prevent the car from slipping). Under the wheel before.

Another point of parking in snow is to lift the wiper blade in advance as possible. The simple reason is to prevent the wiper blade from freezing with the car glass and damaging the wiper blade.

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