Do wiper blades need to be replaced once a year

Do wiper blades need to be replaced once a year

When the car is in use, especially in rainy or foggy days, the wipers can ensure that the driver has good vision. So how often is the best time to change the wiper blade?

The specific replacement time of the wiper is not fixed, and there is no clear standard. However, wipers, as consumables, usually need to be replaced once a year. The frequency of replacement mainly depends on the damage to the wiper. The driving environment in different regions is different, and the degree of wear of the wipers is also different. For example, wind and sand, rain and snow, high temperature, severe cold, etc. will affect the use of the wiper, thereby shortening its service life of the wiper. When the damage is serious or the use is abnormal, the wiper should be replaced with a new one. It is best to replace it every six months.

After all, wipers are devices used to remove raindrops and dust adhering to a vehicle's windshield to improve driver visibility and increase driving safety. Once the wipers are not clean during use and affect the driver's sight, they must be replaced in time.

For the driving safety of you and your family, it is necessary to check and replace the wipers frequently.

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