How to remove the auto wipers and wiper arm

How to remove the auto wipers and wiper arm

Teach you how to remove the wiper arm, only need 4 steps, if you want to change the wiper arm, then just need the reverse operation process

1. First, we need to prepare the tools needed to disassemble the wiper, a flat-blade screwdriver, a quick ratchet wrench, a No. 13 sleeve, and then prepare for the next dismantling operation process

2. Open the engine hood, take out the flat-head screwdriver, and use the flat-head screwdriver to pry off the small black cover of the wiper arm. As shown in the figure, there is a small hole on the edge of the small black cover. You can pry off it through this small hole.

3. After the small black cover is disassembled, we can see the nut that fixes the wiper inside. Take out quick ratchet wrench and fit it with the No. 13 sleeve. Rotate this nut.When disassembling, make sure to be careful to avoid screwing the nut badly.

4. After the nut is removed, put the nut in place, then fold the wiper arm with your hand as shown in the figure, and hold the wiper arm with your hand, and shake it repeatedly until the wiper arm is loose, because at this time The wiper arm is still tightly fixed on the screw.

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