How to install different types of windshield wipers

How to install different types of windshield wipers

If you want to drive safely even on rainy days, you must ensure that your wipers can be used normally. When wipers are used for a long time, it is easy to cause safety hazards. First, the old wipers will leave marks on the windshield when working, which will prevent us from seeing the road ahead clearly. Second, the wipers may make noise when working, which will interfere with our normal driving. So if you want to drive safely, you must replace the wipers regularly. Generally, hook wipers are the most commonly used type of wipers.

but different vehicles may have different styles. What if you don't know how to install it? Next, we will show you how to install each type of wiper. how to remove and install the most common wiper blades.

U / J hook-Mounted Blade

1. Find the correct blade size from the owner's manual. Generally, hook-type wipers have a J-shaped hook at the end of the wiper blade. Find the information about the wiper blades directly from the owner's manual and note the dimensions. Please note that the lengths of the left and right front wipers are different so you won't easily get the wrong size. Choose the wiper blades that match your car size to ensure correct installation.

2. Can't find the user manual? Don't worry, a tape measure can easily get the length of each wiper blade.

3. No user manual or measuring tape? Don't worry, just go to the car shop to replace your wipers. Make a note of the correct wiper size so you can replace it yourself next time.

Replace the wipers steps by yourself as follows:

First step. Lift the wiper blades off the windshield. Simply pull the wiper arm slowly up and away from the glass until it is perpendicular to the windshield and secure it so it doesn't fall over.

Second step. Place a towel on the windshield where the blade is located. This prevents the wiper arm from accidentally falling over and breaking the glass.

Third step. Make sure the wiper blade is parallel to the wiper arm, find the raised button on the wiper blade that connects to the wiper arm, and press the button with your finger. Press the tab with one hand while using the other hand hold the blade, pull it out, and gently put down the wiper arm.

To install, lift the wiper arm parallel to the new blade, hook the end of the wiper arm onto the adapter, and push the wiper blade up. Once you hear the wipers click into place, gently place the wipers back onto the windshield.

After installing the first wiper blade, replace the other wiper blade in the same way.

Clip-on Blade

Get the correct size for your wipers. Use a tape measure to measure the length between the ends of the wiper blade. Remember that driver-side and passenger-side wiper sizes will vary. If in doubt, check your vehicle's manual or check at an auto shop for wiper size compatibility.

The installation steps are as follows:

1.Lift the wiper blades from the windshield. Hold the wiper arm where it is parallel to the blade.  Pull the arm up and away from the windshield until it is perpendicular to the glass. Please place a towel on the windshield before installation to prevent the glass from being damaged.

2. Press the button before removing the blade. Look for the tab button on the top or side of the wiper arm, just above where it connects to the actual wiper arm. Press the button with your finger and release the wiper blade. Then, simply pull the wiper blade straight up and out of the wiper arm.

3. Push the new wiper blade into the arm until it clicks into place. Before placing the wipers, make sure the blade is facing the glass and slide it into the end of the wiper arm. Once you hear the wiper blade click, gently place the wiper blade back onto the glass.

Remember to replace both wiper blades at the same time so they work optimally.

Pin-Mounted Blade

Use a tape measure to find the old wiper blade and measure its size. Be sure to measure the length of the left and right sides of the front wiper blade as they may be slightly different in size. 

Refer directly to the owner's manual for the correct wiper blade size, or can also check your auto parts store's wiper blade catalog. You can tell if the wipers are pin mounts because they attach to the side of the blade rather than through the top.

Installation example is as follows:

1. Lift the wiper arm from the windshield. Grasp the wiper arm just above where it connects to the blade. Slowly pull up on the wiper arm so that the blade is disengaged from the wiper arm and perpendicular to the windshield. Place a towel on the windshield under the wiper blades. Make sure it doesn't damage the glass.

2. Open the latch on the wiper blade and pull it off the pin. Look for a small plastic or metal latch clip where the blade connects to the end of the wiper arm. Pull up on the latch to unlock it from the wiper arm. Then, push the wiper blade toward the windshield to remove it from the pin.

If your pin-mounted wiper blades don't have latches, rotate the wiper around the pins so the blades push toward the windshield. Your wiper blades will then be removed from the pins.

3. Push the new wiper blade onto the pin and snap the latch on. Open the latch on the new wiper blade. Hold the new wiper blades with the blades facing the windshield. Then simply slide the pin through the same size hole on the side of the blade latch. Finally, press the latch until it clicks and place the wiper arm and blade back onto the windshield.

Also, replace the passenger side wiper blade.

If you still don't know how to find the size that suits your car after completing the above steps, you can click on the widget below to check the size directly. If you are a wholesaler, please email, and tell us your order requirements.

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