Why Yujin Wiper blade price is not cheap

Why Yujin Wiper blade price is not cheap

One old popsicle $0.02/pc, but Haagen-Dazs is $6.00 a piece, but it seemed that Haggen-Dazs are still popular; Chery is $5000 did not affect BMW's sales, BMW is at $15,000; We get what we pay for, and any thing survives, definitely is not because of the price, but it is the quality, Value and needed!

Why Yujin wiper blade price is not cheap?  It is becasue of the quality, Value and Needed too!!!

Our Brand

Yujin is top 5 manufacturer in China, it is a famous brand, the promotion of a brand requires costs. Including advertising expenses, operating expenses, exhibition expenses, and network promotion expenses, each of which requires a large amount of cost.

Our Material

1. Thailand natural rubber and advanced technology surface treatment.

2. The rubber refill uses Teflon coating, which increases the lubrication of the wiper and prolongs the service life of the rubber refill.

3. Bekaert spring steel, which Bosch wiper blades also buy from them, Valeo wipers also buy from them

4. Environmentally friendly paper box packaging, streamlined integrated appearance

Our management

1.Constantly develop new products and become leading of the market;

2.Continuously improve the quality of the product to ensure the quality of the product;

3.Use advanced production equipment and production technology;

Our patents and certification

Yujin has own patents in USA, China, etc. The factory has passed ISO9001 SGS and ISO TS 16949 quality system certification, passed 500,000 times tests

Our After-sales service

1. Provide display stand supports according to the order quantity;

2. Provide posters, brochures and other promotional items;

3. Provide technical support and training;

4. Provide application guide list of wiper models;

5. Help solve after-sales problems.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get;

BAOYI makes your view more beautiful!

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