When the wiper blades need to be replaced

When the wiper blades need to be replaced

The wiper blade is a consumable part which installed on the car windshield, and its responsibility is to remove the rain, snow and dust etc on the windshield. The wiper blade is small, but the responsibility is heavy! It can not only provide us with a clear vision, but also provide protection for our lives! So how do we know that the wiper blade needs to be replaced? Here are 4 tips “1 touch, 2 leave, 3 noise sound, 4 variable speed

Wiper blades are consumables. Even the top brand wiper blades with good quality, their service life is also around 6 months to 1 year. You should replace the wiper blade when the following situation occurs;

(1) Touch

The most direct method is to pull up the wiper blade and touch the wiper refill strip after cleaning. If the refill strip is aging, hardened, or cracked, you need to replace the wiper blade.


When the rubber of wiper blade cannot be completely attached to the glass surface to leave a gap, it will appear wipe residue, which will cause the wiping result are not good. Wiper blade should be replaced when you find;

(3) Noise Sound

If the wiper motor “buzzes” and does not rotate, it indicates that the mechanical transmission part of the wiper is rusty or stuck. It means that you should go to the 4S shop to check and repair the motor, and replace the wiper blade if necessary.

(4) Variable speed

Place the wiper switch at various speed positions, especially pay attention to observe the wiper blade working effect whether the wiper blade maintains a certain speed in the intermittent working state or not. If the speed changes, the wiper will be damaged, so replace the wiper blade in time to avoid accidents.


As the old saying goes, it is important to focus on the usual maintenance. Don't wait until the critical moment, then you regret that you don't pay much attention to the car's maintenance.

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