Some Cool Knowledge About Wiper Blades

Some Cool Knowledge About Wiper Blades

Among the many car maintenance items, apart from the tires, the most frequently replaced is the wiper blades. But you may have had this question, why is there a wiper with a few tens of dollars, and one with hundreds of dollars, what is the difference? When should it be replaced?

Many experienced drivers will tell you that they have used many modified wiper blades or pressurized wiper blades, but none of them are as good as the first pair of wiper blades that came with a new car.

Original factory wiper blades must be tested for a long time before they can be installed on a new car. As far as the car factory is concerned, the wiper blade is not a simple combination of a rubber refill and an arm. They also had to consider issues including the durability of the wiper motor and the spray area of the sprinkler head.

As far as the wiper motor is concerned, there are unidirectional or bidirectional motors. Some more advanced models will automatically change the wiper position when parked even if the wipers are not activated. This is not a broken wiper blade, but a thoughtful design made by engineers worried that the wiper blades will stick to the glass and cause damage if it is not moved for too long.

In addition, engineers have to consider that the wiper motor must not only be able to withstand high temperature and humidity, but also ensure that it can work smoothly in ice and snow, and at the same time, it must not make too much noise. In the same way, in addition to the powerful, wide, and accurate spray, the spray head also needs to be quiet to satisfy the owner.

After these two things are done, it's the wiper blade's turn. When choosing a wiper blade, it is not that the longer the size, the better. Wiper blades that are too long will cause the wiping action to be too long and affect the driving vision. And the wiper blades cleaning range that is too short is too small, and it is also unqualified. At the same time, the wiper blades have to match the curvature of the front windshield, and at the same time, the aerodynamics must be considered, and the phenomenon of the wiper arm being lifted by the wind speed cannot occur at high speed.

How often should wiper blades be replaced? It is best to replace the wiper once a year, the rubber refill strip is particularly easy to cause wear and tear during use, and it is best to replace the wiper before the rainy season of the second year . For the safety of driving, the wiper blades should be cared for frequently, the glass water should be added in time, and the wiper blades should be replaced in time when there is a problem.

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