How to sell out the wiper blades

How to sell out the wiper blades

1. Be proactive

The wiper blade is only an important part that people will pay attention to when it rains. Under normal weather, the owner will not take the initiative to replace it; however, it is too late to find the problem when it is used, we must ask the customer about the situation of the wiper blade in advance.

2. Find the problems

When the customer can't describe the problem with the wiper blade, the sales staff should intuitively tell the problem of the wiper blade and show them to the customer, so that the customer can feel the same;

3. Professional service and attitude

The sales staff should master the professional knowledge of wiper blades so that we can better know our core competitiveness and prove that we are superior to others; Also the service attitude is important too. The best example is Haidilao, which makes customers feel comfortable during their meals. This kind of spiritual need is actually applicable in every industry.


Salesperson:  Hello sir, I checked the wiper blades for you when I washed your car, and found that the rubber refill of your wiper blades is seriously worn. Do you feel that the wiper blades can not clean well when you use them on rainy days?

Client: Yes, very blurred.

Salesperson: How long have you been using it?

Customer: I should have used it for more than 2 years.

Salesperson: It's time to replace it. I'll replace it with a new one for you now, otherwise, it will be too late to replace it when it rains.

Customer: OK, replace it.

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