How to replace wiper blade

How to replace wiper blade

For wiper blade replacement, is it only necessary to replace the wiper blade refill?

When is raining, we can't see the front windshield while driving. Either there is fog over there or the watermarks are not clean. At this time, it may be time to replace the wiper blades, but do we need to replace the entire wiper blades wiper blade? Or just replace wipe blade inserts? How often should windshield wiper blades be replaced?

In recent years, more and more people feel that if the wiper blade needs to be replaced, just replace the rubber refill. correct? As we know, the reasons for the wiper blade jumping or the wiping is not clean may be caused as follows:

1. The skeleton of the wiper is aging and loose

2. Aging and hardening of wiper rubber refill

3. Damaged wiper blader motor

4. Car windshield has oil film etc coatings

The operation of the wiper blade is not just as simple as the wiper frame and the rubber refill. And as long as some of them are in a condition, problems such as disturbing wiper blade shaking and unclean wiping may occur.

Not only the rubber refill but also the wiper frame will get aged. Some car owners have aging wipers and wiping is not clean, but they only choose to buy a wiper blade refill for replacement. However, wiper blades are consumables. In the process of use, in addition to the aging, hardening, and even cracking of the wiper blades, the entire skeleton will be relatively worn out, which will affect the quality of the wiper blades.

In foreign countries, many original wiper blade manufacturers will advise car owners to replace the wiper rubber refill once every six months, and a new set of wiper blades once a year. In a word, a new set of wipers should be replaced every year.

The habit of many consumers, they replaced the wiper refill has been more than one year. It was conceivable that the overall wiper frame will be worn more seriously. At this time, if you just replace the wiper blade, the overall effect of the Wiper Blade will still not be the same as the new wiper blade. Therefore, the replacement of the wiper blade is not just to replace the wiper blade rubber refill; It is necessary to consider the loss of the overall wiper frame then we decide whether to replace the whole wiper blade or only the wiper blade rubber refill.

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