How to remove oil stains from windshield

How to remove oil stains from windshield

Oil stains are very common in our daily car use; Where do the oil stains come from? Mud, sand and dust, insects and other foreign objects, water droplets, and snowflakes

These are the several types of oil stains that are common in our daily life. Of course, oil stains are not only these types, but also the car exhaust is most often ignored by everyone; There are others such as free oil in the air, micro-particle pollutants, oil fumes from restaurants, etc.

When there is an oil stain on your car, it will not only cause the wiper to wipe uncleanly, but also cause the wiper to wipe less smoothly on the glass; It will also be accompanied by some noise and jumping, and at night, it will even make the driver comes with hidden danger when driving.

 The oil stains are relatively stubborn. Ordinary glass water only has a simple lubricating effect and cannot eradicate the oil stains. This requires a special oil film cleaning agent to completely remove it.

The use method is also very simple. First, spray the glass surface to be cleaned with water, then pour an appropriate amount of oil film cleaning agent on a clean towel or sponge and wipe it evenly on the glass, and finally rinse it with water.

Or you could clean the stain with liquid dishwashing soap. Dish soap is engineered to get rid of greasy, oily stains and residue.

If you try the methods above and you still can’t get the oil stains off, you can always contact your local car detailer for help!

Kind tips, the oil stains are not just attached to the glass. It is also necessary to clean the wipers in time; If the wiper blades are not cleaned, It will affect the wiper effect; The windshield of the car will still produce oil stains again soon.

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