How to choose the wiper blade size

How to choose the wiper blade size

The longer the wiper blade size we use, the effect is better? Or size could be reduced? 

When replacing the wipers, some car owners will increase the size by themselves. They feel that the longer the wiper blade size, the wiping range will be bigger, and the field of vision will be more clear; Also there are many people who think that as long as the two wiper blades do not hit each other, they can be replaced as long as they want. However, in theory, this understanding is not wrong, but according to the mechanical principle, it may cause a burden on the wiper motor;

1. Is it possible to increase the original wiper blade size?

The wiper blade parts are quite precise. The size of the wiper blade of every car is measured by the actual operation of the machine. Therefore, when replacing new wiper blades, we always recommend using the size same as the original wiper blade size.

Of course, there is no absolute value for this. If you want to increase the size of the wiper blade, it is also possible, but we only recommend adding 1 inch. It is not recommended to increase several sizes, because it may affect the function of the wiper blade, or increase the chance of the wiper jumping;

2. Possible reasons for shortened wiper blade size

For some car models using a relatively special wiper blade size (such as 25 inches), this specification may be rare in the market, or the merchant does not have 25 inches, then we will suggest directly dropping 1 inch (24 inches), and it is not recommended to increase the size. 1 inch (buy 26 inches), increasing the size will more easily cause the phenomenon of jumping or the wiper blades is hard to adhere to the windshield.

In addition, some car owners choose to reduce the size of the wiper blade to reduce the chance of jumping. There are many reasons for the jumping of the wiper blade. When the wiper blade is jumping, it is not entirely the problem of the wiper blade. For detailed reasons, please refer to the next article.

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