How can car owner do a good job of preventing Covid 2019

How can car owner do a good job of preventing Covid 2019

Do I need to wear a mask when driving? Can the air conditioner filter prevent viruses? It still wasn’t looking too good with Coronavirus , so virus prevention in the car is equally important!Here we carefully prepared a #AIDS guide# for all car owners. To assure our health, let's take action together!


Q: Do I need to wear a mask when driving alone? Do passengers also need to wear masks?

A: Need

The air in the enclosed space inside the car is not necessarily cleaner than the outside of the car. The barrier rate of opening the inner circulation is indeed better than that of the outer circulation, but the inside circulation only uses a flap to block the outside air from entering the air-conditioning pipeline. When the vehicle is driving , The wind will destroy the seal of the flap. When there are harmful gases or even viruses in the outside air, they will still enter the compartment. People in the car should still wear masks. The epidemic prevention measures must be taken;


Q: Can I open the window while driving?

A: Yes

For vehicles with no suspected or confirmed patients with pneumonia caused by the novel Coronavirus, if the driver and passengers wear masks, try to open the windows as far as possible to maintain good air circulation;


Q: How can car owners prevent the spread of the coronavirus?

A: Replace the air-conditioning filter and disinfect the whole car

The air-conditioning filter is an important part to prevent epidemic, and it can be replaced with an air-conditioning filter with a virus-inhibiting effect. Vehicles with high frequency of use are recommended to be disinfected for the entire vehicle, including car keys, steering wheel, central control, doors, door handles, seats, interior items, trunks, etc.


Q: Can smoked white vinegar in the car disinfect the air?

A: No

Peracetic acid can be used for fumigation and disinfection. The main component of vinegar is acetic acid, which is ineffective against the new Coronavirus. In addition, you can use 75% alcohol, diluted 84 disinfectant, and chlorine-containing disinfectant powder to spray and wipe the inside and outside of the car according to the instructions;


Q: How to disinfect the suspected or confirmed patients?

A: Maintain hygiene and do a good job of health monitoring

It is recommended to isolate and observe at home for 14 days, observe changes in body temperature, stay away from other people as much as possible (at least 1 meter), wash hands frequently, pay attention to nutrition, and open windows for ventilation in the room. If suspicious symptoms occur, see a doctor in time according to the condition, and the vehicle should be under the guidance of professionals. Do further disinfection treatment.

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