How do we do if we find the wiper blades got fuzzy

How do we do if we find the wiper blades got fuzzy

The car owner often feels that the wiper blade was dirty and got fuzzy when using the wiper blade to wipe the rain. The following methods can help you prevent and avoid this problem.

1.Do not expose wiper blade under the sun for a long time. In the sun, the temperature of the front windshield will be very high, which will accelerate the aging of the wiper blade. If there is no shade in summer, it is more appropriate to erect the wiper.

2.Do not wipe without water or rains, Please Spray water before use. If there is no water, the rubber refill will easily get deformed;

3.If there are fallen leaves, bird droppings and other debris on the windshield, please make sure to clean them first. Bird droppings can easily damage the rubber refill and fallen leaves will damage the glass.

4.Clean the wiper refill; When the wiper blade for a long time, various debris, ranging from dirt to large stones will adhere to rubber refill, so when washing the car, use a wet towel to clean the rubber refill as well;

5.Wash the windshield thoroughly, In fact, in many times the wiper blade is blurred because the windshield is not thoroughly cleaned, so the wiper blade will be unclean as well.

Many stubborn stains are difficult to clean. It is recommended to check with Yujin wiper blade for more methods;

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