Your windshield wipers squeak after only 2 months use

Your windshield wipers squeak after only 2 months use

Do you have the experience that the wiper blade of your car starts to make squeak and rubbing sound even they are installed on the car for a short time like one or two months? According years of experience in wiper balde industry, here are some car wiper blade maintenance steps to help you troubleshoot this problem if you also have this trouble.

1. clean the wiper of car

When your car stop outside the door, debris and dirt will fall on the space between the bonnet/engine hood and windshield. there is a concave space between bonnet and windshield, it is easy to get fallen leaves and some other debris stuck here. From the following pricture, you know the space of red circle is easy to get debris stuck, so you need to clean up these debris regularly, put the wiper up, use a soft cloth to wipe the blade and windshield;

2.check the fluid level

Without washer fluid, the rubber can create friction against the glass.Washer fluid serve as the lubricant, allowing the blade to move across the windshield smoothly and quietly,Double-check the fluid tank to ensure the levels are adequate.Some friend only add water into the fluid tank, for this case, you need to add some dishwashing liquid together with water, if no dishwashing liquid, it is not lubricious enough when wiper blade moving across the windshield.

3.replace the rubber refill

Over time, the rubber refill begin to wear down. If the quality of wiper blade is not good enough, the rubber refill is very easy to age.So pls check if the squeaking sound caused by the aging rubber refill.As this happens, the only way to avoid squeaking sound is to replace the rubber refill or the whole wiper blade.

Many consumers have a idea that I just buy a cheap wiper blade, and replace them when they can not wipe clearly, However, its life span is always shorter than what you expected for a cheap wiper you think it is more economic than a high quality wiper blade even its price is a little higher?

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